4 Reasons to Support your Local “Girl Gang”

The collaboration of many small businesses is the main purpose behind Skinner starting Northern Goods.

Did you know?

Canada was home to 950,000 self-employed women in 2011, with Ontario holding the highest percentage of those women.

As a woman business, Melinda Skinner, owner of Sunstone Jewels, which was established in 2014, knows all about why it’s important to support local businesses.

After operating for over three years, Skinner has decided to add on and develop a new company, Northern Goods, which is a monthly subscription service featuring handmade Canadian artisan products. With this new venture launching in less than a week, Skinner shares her thoughts on supporting local.

Just some of the work Melinda Skinner produces for Sunstone Jewels

Here are four reasons, of the endless reasons, you should be supporting local:

1. They love what they do and it shows

Skinner’s accessory business, Sunstone Jewels, was built on a whim when Skinner’s friends loved what she was creating and started asking for their own, and so it began. “It was never on my to-do list, but I loved it from the second it began,” says Skinner. The love a business owner has for what they do shows in their work, Skinner is no different.

2. By supporting a small business owner, you’re giving back to your community

With the difficult economy, and job competition, it’s hard on everyone. Skinner says when you’re spending your money and directly putting it back into the hands of locals you’re building a better economy locally as well.

3. You’re helping someone fulfill their dreams

When someone has enough guts to start their own business, they have a deep desire, and Skinner believes when you shop local you’re supporting these community members not just to pay their bills but also fulfill their dreams.

4. There is no denying the quality

The difference when you look at a local craft vs. a mass produced overseas item is undeniable. You’re supporting the craftsmanship, time, and dedication put into creating items, or building businesses from the people around you.

8 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Support your Local “Girl Gang”

  1. Love reading about positive representation from Niagara! I think that Northern Goods is a great idea, as it connects to the increase of subscription box services, and melds with heading to a local craft fair or other local business expo.

  2. Hey Sam! This is a great post and really shows why everyone should consider shopping at their local craft store rather than a big box shop. Not only is it helping the local economy but it’s much more special, too. Keep up the great work and fighting the good fight!

  3. Love this! In my books, starting your own business is the bravest thing anyone can ever do! Look forward to reading your next blog posts 🙂

  4. Such beautiful jewellery!! And also loving your posts Sam, supporting the local community is such a sustainable option 🙂

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