The Anecdote

I’m Sam!

Sam, a 20 year old Welland gal, writer of the things she is passionate about and loves to share with others.

Supporting local and the desire to be a part of helping create a sustainable world is something I have always had a passion for and mixing it with my love of writing and photography is now an obvious, “YES!”

I am a Journalism graduate and am now currently studying Public Relations at Niagara College. I wrote for my school newspaper, mostly sports stories, always harbouring my passion for food and sustainability, never feeling I had enough knowledge about the subject to write to others about it. Little did I know that I’d been prepping for this my whole life.

When I was very young, I developed my love for people and wanting to help everyone and anyone in any way I could, mostly in part to my wonderful mother raising me to be kind. As a child this began when I started watching those sad infomercials about the lack of water in Africa and certain television programs that spoke about “Water for Life.” Those programs helped push me in the direction of International Development and wanting to help people live better lives. When I started high school I began researching how I could do my part to help, and landed on food and sustainability, along with conservation and am now finally pursuing this area I feel so passionately about.

While all the other eight and nine year olds were watching Jimmy Neutron and That’s So Raven, I spent my time watching documentaries on the environment- Thanks Dad.

Since I’m lacking in the numbers and calculations department, I landed in writing and photography, which to be honest, is way better anyways (I’m not bitter).

Through all the little things I fell for over the years, I realize I was slowly morphing into the person I am today, who is here, ready to talk your ears off about BEING LOCAL!

With my International Development goal at the top of my brain, where I dream on focusing on Food and Sustainability, I am thankful to have ended up here, talking about what I love and of course- talking!

Ready for the next part of my anecdote to commence!

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