Fonthill’s own: Keith’s

If you’re from the Niagara Region, you know there are breakfast places up the wazoo in this region. Now although a lot of those are privately owned by families, we also have your typical chains such as, Donut Diner, Tim Hortons and McDonalds. Nothing against a good Tims bagel or McDonalds hash brown, but there really is something warm and comforting about a true, local breakfast place.

A place where a server who knows everyone by name, welcomes you to a restaurant filled with the smell   of fresh baked apple pie and a pot of coffee brewing. Bar stools are filled with people from all over, whose families have known each other for generations, sharing stories over the farm fresh eggs and delicious chocolate milkshakes.

The comfort of a place like Keith’s is exactly that.

Keith’s restaurant has been family owned for almost 60 years. It’s located right on the main drag in Fonthill, Ont., with an all day breakfast menu. Most of the products Keith’s buys come from local farmers like, DeVries Fruit Farm from Fenwick, Ont., who supply fresh fruit for the to-die-for pies. Klager’s Meats is where Keith’s had gotten all of their meats from, for years, until Klager’s shut down due to retirement in 2015.

Keith’s is a truly hometown, local supporter who is sure to use local products as much as possible. They aren’t only a breakfast place, as they also make soups, salads, burgers and fries as well as, sandwiches (one of their most popular is the Club).

Of all the wonderful options they have to choose from, their pies are their most popular item. They’re made fresh daily, with only the freshest ingredients for the Lemon Meringue, Coconut Cream, Apple, cherry and Strawberry Rhubarb, just to name a few! By far, my number one reason to pop into Keith’s would be for a true, classic chocolate milkshake.

Hope to see you at good old Keith’s sometime!