Niagara Farm Project- more than just food

Over the next 25 years, the growth rate in Niagara is projected at a minimum 170,000 new residents and 80,000 new jobs, and with an expanding economy such as this, we require sustainability. Something that an organization such as Niagara Farm Project is all about.

Niagara Farm Project is a non profit organization that, “designs, builds, installs and maintains permaculture gardens for homes, schools and organizations in the Niagara Region.”

Niagara Farm Project is committed to the Niagara community, in more ways than just a helping hand. The organization is committed to teaching the community of Niagara how they too, can grow their own food. They are all about working together to get things done, and using everyones strengths to make things happen.

Part of the idea that goes along with the Niagara Farm Project is that they make fresh, local produce available to Niagara residents.

Niagara Farm Project holds get togethers and events such as the “Meeting of the Minds/Free Seed Distribution,” or their “Beekeeping Workshop“, both happening tomorrow, to involve whoever is interested in supporting and growing local, and how it really is possible for anyone.

An organization such as the Niagara Farm Project is exactly what the region needs to boost the amount of people supporting and growing local- it’s a teaching organization as well as an information hub. For those who have been gardening and farming for years, or those city dwellers who decided to switch things up a little, the Niagara Farm Project is there to help make our community a more local and sustainable place to live, one seed at a time.

The Niagara Farm Project is currently holding a contest where you can win a Farm in a Box, which is literally what it sounds. The box is filled with the starters for your own food garden, plus the help of installation from the Niagara Farm Project crew. To enter the contest, visit their Facebook page,

and ‘like’ and ‘share’ the post for your chance at winning your own Farm in a Box.